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Agam’s technology division is the upshot of blended efforts of a few committed people who have a common purpose of offering high quality technology solutions. We operate on a firm platform of dedicated group of professionals including designers, developers, testing professionals and project managers for precise execution and prompt delivery of high quality technology solutions to our clients. At Agam, our clients receive high quality solutions in various technical spectrums which are end-user oriented but yet having the ability to handle the complex business problems. Our solutions are advanced and customized, ensuring that whatever your business, you are always way ahead of competition. We work as a team with our clients, leveraging our extensive industry expertise and experience to their advantage. People & Services. Our people are highly skilled technology professionals with the right fit for your business objective in the following business areas. · Web based applications - static and dynamic dating sites, portals, b2b, b2c and e-commerce applications. · Client server applications. · Mobile based applications. · Statistical Data Analysis. · Independent Testing and Business consulting. Process providing low-cost, high-quality software development services which transforms your business needs into innovative technology solutions. Keeping up the quality standards is of primary importance at Agam. While technology is the lifeblood of many businesses and industries, it’s the people who determine success or failure. Our people are dedicated to becoming part of your team and helping you achieve your goals.

Statistical Solutions

AGAM Team has been established with an outlook to provide high quality statistical and bio- statistical services to a wide range of industry sectors that includes Corporate, Academic, FMCG, Logistics, R & D, Pharmaceutical and Banking. Based on our vast experience spanning over 35 years, we have been able to deliver services that are accurate, concise and extremely intrinsic to overall business and academic objectives. Our highly qualified personnel, trained from reputed international universities like Johns Hopkins, SRM University, Medical Councils of India are well experienced in supporting clients with the requisite skills and know-how to execute complex statistical / bio-statistical analysis and research activities.


Statistics is the science of learning from data or turning data into knowledge. Statistics is the most important and challenging role in the dissertation or thesis. AGAM will guide the Business Decision managers, Entrepreneurs and Researchers all around the world to analyze the data in order to improve their business or research career. Our professionals are well-qualified statistical expertise who can fulfill your research and business requirements. We have the experts who can appropriately assess your research questions. AGAM offer you authentic, absolute and individual solutions for your statistical problems. At AGAM, we offer tailor made analysis to fulfill your aim and objective of the research. AGAM offers you consulting and training in statistical thinking, statistics and data mining in English. Our AGAM service, include the whole thing from the preparation for the data collection and consequent data management till the activities like diagrams of numerical data and presentation of the results.


. Statistical opinions . Data visualization exploratory data analysis . Statistical data analysis statistical modeling . Multivariate data analysis linear or nonlinear regression analysis . Categorical data analysis of longitudinal data . Time series analysis survival analysis . Robust statistics . Bootstrap methods and their application . Nonparametric statistics . Computer-intensive statistical methods . Bayesian statistics . Statistical design and analysis of experiments design and analysis of reproducibility and repeatability studies response surface analysis . Process improvement and optimization . Process capability analysis . Assessment and monitoring of process variation analysis of the sources of variation in measurements including the determination of reproducibility and repeatability . Statistical quality control and quality assurance quality engineering industrial statistics . Statistical Process Control (SPC) Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC) . Statistical sampling plans . Business statistics management statistics . Biostatistics; pharmaceutical statistics (both in compliance with ICH guidelines); statistical analysis of clinical trials outcomes; . clinical statistics; design and analysis of Reproducibility and Repeatability studies; . Bio-analytical services; Pharmacokinetics; Bio-pharmaceutics; All over the world, Digital Analytical software is the trend to visualize the future and Our Statistical Analysis using Software resolve multifaceted business problems. Our statistical experts use majority of the software which is either based on menu driven or command driven. All software has its own language for controlling the program. One Such Software called Statistical Analysis Software (SAS), the most expensive statistical software also has its own programming language that will be controlling the program throughout its execution is handled easily by our expertise. SAS can access any type of data from any software as well as from any format. So, the SAS is the most controlling when compared to other statistical software. With the help of if- then statements, you can also execute logical operation. We can run the data in step by step, and the programs can be carried out very promptly. Other formats use ODS procedure to take the output. Examples are HTML, RTF, excel, etc. From this SAS software, we can create a macro to meet a variety of research requirements. The experts at AGAM are well-trained in using the Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). We have guided many National and International companies in their Business activities as well as individual researchers. Our clientele includes universities, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporate, MNCs, Pharmaceutical companies, Legal firms, Stock markets and many more. The statistical analysis is the most difficult of all tasks. A thorough understanding of statistics is required to interpret your results into the rest of the dissertation. We at AGAM provide personal assistance and make you to understand the results obtained. We at AGAM consulting service offer solution on the following. Based on your research question / hypothesis, we help you to choose appropriate statistical analysis. The assumptions of the statistical analysis are identified and tested. . Conducting the statistical analysis . Report generation in a required format . Data Analysis using statistical software OUR TEAM HAS A RICH EXPERIENCE IN HANDLING DIFFERENT SOFTWARE AND WRITING PROGRAM. OUR SERVICE INCLUDE . Study Design . Questionnaire Development . Data Entry & Management . Exporting and importing your data . Check for error, missing data and out layers . Conducting tests of normality . Descriptive statistics . Correlation analysis . T test, Paired t test . Chi-square . General Linear Models: ANOVA, ANCOVA, Repeated measures . Factor analysis . Regression analysis . Non-parametric analysis like Mann Whitney and Kruskal Wallis . Forecasting analysis . Time series . Other relevant statistics as per the objectives . Interpreting and reporting statistical results . Understanding output (obtained from statistical software) comprehending the same for decision making . Report Writing for statistical information We provide comprehensive solution for all your statistical problems. SAS Consulting SAS consulting services include QC/QA of reports, generating tables, listings and graphs, implementation of Statistical Analysis Plan, double programming, creating value added datasets, interim analysis, generation of CDISC SDTMs and ADaMs, SAS data warehousing using BI/DI, Stored Processes and Java servlets, breaking blinds, random code reconciliation and safety reporting. Applications Development AGAM has developed a SAS application, VReport tool that can be used to manage safety & efficacy reporting and SAP implementation. This desktop application can be used for the related purposes,such as raw data extraction from databases ClinTrial and Oracle Clinical, creating tabulation models as per CDISC standards, dictionary coding and data entry tool for unmonitored datasets. SAS Data Warehousing: AGAM is well experienced in SAS data warehousing using SAS enterprise guide. Stored process web application was created to access EIC database to create adhoc reports and canned reports. Application allows drill down to generate adhoc reports. Canned reports allow access to stored process from Microsoft add-ins Data Management We offer data cleaning and management techniques, demonstrated excellence in compliance and strong QC/QA functionality. Our in-depth knowledge of databases, combined with domain knowledge of medical terminology, thorough understanding of clinical study protocols and CRF design will prove priceless. Our proven ability to conduct extensive database testing, clinical data reviews and data clarification will provide insights into clinical data management. In-depth understanding of patient profiles, SAE reconciliation, AE and CONMED coding are part of our product. Expertise in generation and resolution of queries derived from data discrepancies, extensive computer proficiency and understanding of computer technology provides an edge over the competition. Our systems are fully validated and compliant with ICH-GCP guidelines and 21 CFR Part 11. Following are the key features of our Data Management . Study Design and setup . SOP Training and Development . Data sampling . Listings and Graphs . CRF design . Query Management . Dictionary Coding (MedDRA, WHO-Drug) . CDISC data submission . Database creation . Data Export and Import . SAE Reconciliation Tables (MedDRA, WHO-Drug)

Academic Solutions

In Association with TalentSprint ,Agam Solutions provides training to the Job Aspirants in and around Thanjavur Dist to get placed in bank jobs and various central govt jobs. Established Its Training activities in Jan'15, TalentSprint -Thanjavur division has emerged as the most-successful Institute in Thanjavur Only Institute to Give 90%+ successful results on every Preliminary exams conducted by various bank institutes. We are also conducting special camps for creating awareness about various industrial courses among students. We are also providing end to end solution to educational institues with the partnership of CAMPU solutions.

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